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Are You Addicted to Line Dancing? February 18, 2012

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Do your family and friends think you spend more time at Round Up than you do at home or with them? Do you say TGIW? Are some of the dances starting to click? Take this quiz to determine how addicted you are to Round Up and Line dancing. Be sure to confess below!

1. When introducing your family/friends to someone new and they ask how the new person knows you, you say:
A. We met through a mutual friend.
B. We work together.
C. From Round Up and they are not surprised.

2. When counting, you start with
A. 1, 2, 3, 4.
B. 5, 6, 7, 8.
C. You begin dancing after hearing 5, 6, 7, 8 even if you aren’t at Round Up.

3. The first day of the week is
A. Sunday.
B. Monday.
C. Wednesday, that is the day Round Up opens.

4. When Lisa teaches a dance
A. Who is Lisa?
B. You are motivated by her promising you will be able to show this dance to your friends tomorrow.
C. She has to do a really fast dance to wear you out so she can teach Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy to people who will get excited by it.

5. The music you like
A. You know some country songs.
B. You can sing along with country songs.
C. You refer to country songs by their dance titles.

6. The cardinal directions are
A. North, South, East and West.
B. Dunkin Donuts, Publix, and 595.
C. Front, Back, Dining Area, and the Stage.

7. When you see Kenny appear with the microphone
A. Who is Kenny?
B. You know you there will be easy dances for you now.
C. The dance floor will be too crowded you either drink or call it a night.

8. You are chatting with your friends when the last two step of a set ends, you
A. Politely listen and wait for them to finish their statement.
B. Wait for a pause so you can politely excuse yourself to go dance, you aren’t listening anymore though.
C. It doesn’t matter, you are all in the stampede to the dance floor.

9. When choosing a Friday night outfit, you wear
A. Plaid and a straw hat.
B. Tank tops/short sleeves and jeans.
C. Whatever color is in the memo.

10. When you order a drink
A. You like to try new things.
B. You have a few favorites.
C. You haven’t had to order a drink in years, Louie starts making your drink when he sees you approaching the bar.

11. You enjoy your drinks
A. On the dance floor and get reprimanded.
B. On the carpet.
C. You are playing sheriff and scolding others for drinking on the dance floor.

12. To keep up with current events you
A. Read the newspaper/watch the news.
B. Read the news online.
C. Anything worth knowing is colorfully written on the mirror behind Roger’s bar.

13. At Round Up you
A. Stand behind tilted stools trying to build up the nerve to take one, no one has been there for 15 minutes.
B. Sit in the same general area.
C. Sit in the exact same place every night unless a stranger gets there before you and then you glare at them for taking “your seat”.

14. Dance Class
A. You wonder why people who know the dances are taking the class, they’re blocking the instructor.
B. You start to figure out which dancers to follow around you.
C. People are following you!

15. How you feel about learning line dances
A. You’re not sure why everyone thinks this is fun.
B. It is fun, but you are thankful for the reminders to smile.
C. Life is always fun because you are a dancer!

If you answered mostly A’s there is still time to save yourself. If you answered mostly B’s you are on a dangerous path. If you answered C’s there’s no turning back. You’re committed to a life of dancing, fun and terrific new friends!


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