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The Looking Glass August 4, 2012

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Observing yourself is helpful for improving your dancing.

I discovered this by accident. I was out-of-town with co-workers for a conference and they didn’t want to go out after dinner and I didn’t want to walk around by myself at night. I went back to my hotel room and did what I would have been doing if I was at home. (Although, I would have been out dancing at a club with friends and not alone in my room at home.)

I left the curtains open to enjoy the city lights and danced to the line dance songs on my iPhone (75% of the music on my iPhone is probably line dance songs see Are You Addicted to Line Dancing? for more clues that you are addicted to line dancing). As I danced, I noticed my reflection in the sliding glass doors. It was a little scary seeing myself dance at first, but it was worth it.

I broke down the dances and practiced them in small pieces over and over. (This is also helpful to do if you get home after line dance class and can’t remember the whole dance.) I had no idea the impact this was going to have but the next time I went dancing I received many compliments on how much I improved. After that I took advantage of window reflections, picture frames, and mirrors in my house and even at work.

I do, however, make the disclaimer that I don’t think looking at yourself in the mirror ALL the time is beneficial because when you are observing yourself eyes are fixed on one spot. For example, if you turn you are still looking at yourself and not the new wall you are facing.

To really get an accurate picture it is helpful to record a video of yourself. Nowadays with digital cameras and cell phones this is easy to do. You can prop your camera up on something, use a tripod, or ask a friend to record you. If you can get someone whose dancing you admire to dance in the video with you, you can compare and contrast their movements with yours. You can also keep track of your progression.

Above all dancing is just meant to be fun, so don’t think you have to do these things in order to dance. These are just some things that my friends and I have found beneficial for improving our dancing.

Do you have tips to share on how to improve your dancing?


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