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What Everyone Wants To Know June 25, 2012

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If your new to line dancing, the sheer number of dances you see everyone dancing may seem overwhelming. Whenever I encounter people who are new to line dancing they almost always ask the following three questions:

How does everyone know all these dances?
There are a lot of possible dances, but there are also quite a few that are staples among groups and are danced regularly.
Line dancers know many dances because they attend line dance classes regularly and may even practice outside of class. They dance at least a few times a week and possibly almost every day. They may have been dancing two, five, fifteen + years! So even though line dancers are constantly learning new dances, there are some that remain popular for a long time.

How do you remember the steps to the dances?
At first I couldn’t remember anything five minutes after learning the dance. After attending classes regularly for a few weeks/months, I was starting to repeat dances and then I was able to remember the dances when I got home. I practiced the steps in the kitchen while waiting for food to cook in the microwave, boiling water for a cup of tea before bed, or spending time with my dog in the backyard. Later on I started by writing down the steps which is helpful as your repertoire grows.

You can also find out the names of the dances and either look for videos on YouTube or look up the steps online at websites such as Kickit or Copperknob. (Learning to read step sheets is like learning to read another language, so this may not be something you want to do as soon as you start dancing.)

Really, how does everyone remember SO MANY dances?
It is all about repetition and practice. People tell me they have two left feet or no coordination, but I think anyone can learn line dancing. People learn how to walk, drive and do many other activities that require coordination. If you find line dancing enjoyable then you’ll be motivated to learn the dances. It will get easier and soon you will be explaining to someone else how YOU know so many dances.

If you are a dancer, what tips would you give someone who is just starting out?


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