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These Boots Were Made for Dancin’ February 27, 2012

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Why do we love dancing in our boots?

The first time I wore my dancing boots, I remember dancing to “Somewhere With You”. I did a 3/4 turn and they whirled me around the room and suddenly dancing became even more fun.

Brown Stetson Boots

If you’re going to dance, you don’t want to get rubber bottoms. You want boots that will slide on the dance floor.

The sole on the left is smooth and ideal for dancing, the sole of the boot on the right is rubber and will not slide so it is not good for dancing.

My First Pair of Boots- Ariats - pretty but not functional.

Black Nocona Boots- These are my favorite, I prefer dancing in these low heels now.

Tell us about your boots: Are you the Imelda Marcos of boots? How did you find the perfect pair of boots? Do you have any tips for breaking in or taking care of your boots?

What advice would you give to someone who is about to buy their first pair of boots-where to buy them, your favorite brand, etc.

Post pictures of your boots on Facebook for the DanceintheLine Boot Gallery.


One Response to “These Boots Were Made for Dancin’”

  1. MolotovMimi Says:

    Treat your boots with care. Hang them up so they hold their shape, they will repay this kindness with fewer creases and less cracking in the leather. Sometimes the worn in look can be appealing, but if you want your babies to look like they just came home from the store… boot hangers are the way to go. IKEA used to see very cheap boot hangers, and they might come back in stock one day, but meanwhile, Amazon has this option:

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